• Skilled workers readily available
  • Strong supplier and partner network
  • Close to markets

Industry in brief

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's timber industry benefits from its close proximity to other countries on the Baltic Sea. With its numerous ports and good infrastructure, the state is an ideal hub for import and export of wood as well as wood primary and end products. The plastics industry, on the other hand, is one of the innovation drivers in MV and works closely within the regional research and university landscape.

Materials for your projects

  • Funding

    Technology, innovation and collaborative research are generously funded in MV, and the acquisition and production costs of new assets are incentivized. The state also can provide up to 45% to establish your new business facility. As part of our full service, we will support your appications for incentives from MV and the EU - so do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Research and Development

    The plastics industry is undergoing change. Society and politics are demanding innovations that save resources and protect the environment, so new approaches to producing and processing plastics are needed. Many institutions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are also pursuing this goal. The Institute for Polymer Technologies e. V., for example, is developing novel recycling methods for plastics. In its campaign "Plastics do not rust", the institute covers the recycling and image of plastics.
    The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology e. V. in Greifswald conducts research into materials and surfaces. More than 40 laboratories are working on replacing conventional materials with plastic composites. At the University in Rostock, the Chair of Design Technology and Lightweight Construction is creating new and improved materials. Researchers regularly investigate novel material concepts to provide more lightweight materials. The Department of Organic Chemistry at the University deals with modern synthesis processes of active and natural substances.

  • Workforce and networks

    Norkun - North German Plastics Network

    • The network links applied research and its 87 member companies.
    • Promotion of cooperation between research and industry
    • Transfer of research results into production
    • Training the next generation of skilled workers and university education
    • Organizing conferences and technology days
    • Publications and trade fair presentations

    State Advisory Council on Wood Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    The Landesbeirat Holz MV is an initiative of the State Ministry for Climate Protection, Agriculture, Rural Areas and Environment. Its purpose is to promote the use of wood, especially of domestic wood, organizing regional and supra-regional joint activities

    The primary objectives of the State Advisory Council on Wood are as follows:

    • Bundling all initiatives to increase the use of wood in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
    • Creation of a WOOD network
    • Presenting the climate protection benefits of timber construction
    • Positioning wood as a competitive building and construction material
    • Presenting the wood value chain to the general public
    • Constructing and equipping residential, commercial and public functional buildings with wood
    • Economic and ecological benefits of living and working in timber buildings
    • Cooperation with universities and state architects

    Wood Cluster Wismar

    One of the largest and most modern wood processing centers in Europe has been created in the Haffeld industrial and commercial area, growing into one of the largest employers in the region with around 2,000 jobs.

    • The proximity of the seaport of Wismar enables the worldwide export of wood products.
    • More than 71m cubic feet (2m m3) of wood are processed into preliminary and end products, building materials, laminate and pellets
    • Synergy effects in the market
    • High international recognition
    • Sawmills in the immediate vicinity

Already in MV

  • Yamaton Paper

    Since 2000, Yamaton has pursued the goal of producing environmentally friendly packaging and transport solutions for a wide range of industries from the combination of paper and the structure of honeycomb cells, based on a unique hexagonal cell ...

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  • Egger Holzwerkstoffe, Wismar

    An Austrian family-owned company, Egger is one of the leading brands for wood solutions in Europe. Since 1961, it has been making more from wood, from sawn timber and wood-based materials to decorative surfaces, having 10,100 employees at 20 ...

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  • Ilim Nordic Timber

    This sawmill is located in the heart of the timber cluster alongside producers of glulam, particleboard and pellets in Wismar. Production capacities include two Link sawing lines, Springer grading, Vanicek drying kiln and two planing lines. The ...

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  • Mayr-Melnhof Wood, Wismar

    As a founding member of the Wismar timber cluster, the Hüttemann family decided to build a state of the art plant for glulam engineered wood in Wismar. Commissioned in 2000 and then gradually expanded, Hüttemann Wismar GmbH & Co KG became part of the ...

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  • Hildebrandt Group

    Europe's largest cable drum producer has a 150-year history and is a full-range supplier for wood, plywood, steel and plastic drums as well as equipment. The headquarters of the Hildebrandt Group is Schwerin. At nine locations in Europe and North ...

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  • Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier (Melitta Gruppe)

    Paper has been produced in Neu Kaliss since 1799. Where the first paper mill once stood, there is now a modern company called Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier. In 1992, the Melitta group of companies acquired the production facilities. With the newly founded ...

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  • Smurfit Kappa Wellpappenwerk Waren

    The Smurfit Kappa Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of corrugated base papers, corrugated packaging and other paper-based packaging. As part of this integrated group, Smurfit Kappa Wellpappenwerk Waren GmbH supplies the group's ...

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  • Schur Pack Germany

    Schur Pack Germany GmbH is part of the family-run Schur Group. This Danish group consists of twelve international companies that offer packaging, packaging machines and packaging solutions. Schur says it employs around 800 people at plants in ...

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  • Schmal GmbH & Verpackungen KG

    This company has been producing wooden packaging for more than 60 years. The continuous growth of the family business led to the inauguration of a completely new building complex in the Valluhn/Gallin industrial park in 1997. Conveniently located on ...

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  • Schoeller Allibert

    Schoeller Allibert is a Dutch company that manufactures plastic packaging, with factory sites located all over the world, but with the focus on Europe. The headquarters of the German Schoeller Allibert GmbH is in Schwerin. The product range consists ...

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  • United Caps Schwerin

    This company is an international player in the packaging industry and specializes in caps for the food industry. In 2015, United Caps officially opened its new plant in Schwerin, to produce closures for the beverage industry. Apart from supplying ...

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