• Strong networks and qualified specialists
  • High level of research
  • Subsidies for alternative drives

Industry in brief

As a hub for northern Europe into Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, new busines opportunities are opening up for the automotive industry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It now has a stable supply chain with more than 100 highly specialized automotive suppliers and several thousand employees.

Best conditions for your automotive investment

With support programs, substantial research and development, qualified specialists and a productive industry network, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can get your automotive investment off the ground.

  • Funding

    Technology, innovation and collaborative research are funded generously in MV. In addition, new asset acquisition and production costs are subsidized. The state can provide up to 45% towards  establishing a business facility. As a full-service provider, we support you in applying for subsidies from MV and the EU. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

  • Workforce and networks

    In order to be able to react flexibly to the changing vehicle demands, the automotive-mv e.V. network is planning to establish sustainable and effective transformation structures including an automotive training network. In addition, an automotive transfer center for net-zero production is going to be established. The network is implementing a special project entitled "Automotive transformation strategy for sustainable value creation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", or "Autotrans-MV" for short, with the qualification provider REFA-Landesverband M-V e.V. and the University of Rostock, Chair of Production Engineering. Supported with 1.7 million euros from the German government, it will run until the end of June 2025. In the network, companies located in the state can increase their innovation competence and so strengthen their own competitiveness sustainably.

    automotive-mv has 23 member companies with around 3,500 employees and 180 trainees. These companies generate annual sales of around 1.1 billion euros. One important founding objective was to make more effective use of the existing potential of small and medium-sized suppliers. automotive-mv solicits orders for companies in the state, provides advice and support for qualification and training, pools expertise, exchanges experience and is active in the Automotive Cluster East Germany (ACOD).

  • Research and development

    MV’s automotive industry is making great strides in research and development, with sustainability as the top priority. The Institute for Regenerative Energy Systems researches alternative energy and storage. The Institute for Energy and Environment at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, on the other hand, focuses on energy use, aiming to use energy better and more efficiently. Recently a breakthrough was achieved there when, for the first time, methanol was produced from hydrogen and carbon dioxide without buffer storage. The conversion plant for this process is powered entirely by electricity from wind energy. The Leibniz Institute for Catalysis in Rostock is working on sustainable solutions for exhaust gas treatment using catalysts.

    Another technology of the future is fuel cell vehicles, where energy is generated from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and methanol. The Hydrogen and Informatics Institute of Applied Technologies in Schwerin is working on innovative technologies for the production and processing of both gases. Several projects have already been completed that are already benefiting the automotive industry. In the Stralsund-Rügen region, universities and research laboratories are working on the further development of hydrogen drives, while HyStarter is researching the potential of a regional hydrogen economy. Development is also taking place at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences. Year after year, the ThaiGer-H2-Racing team takes first place in this vehicle class with innovative developments on its own hydrogen engine. The project has been running for over ten years and has enabled great progress in the field of hydrogen engines. The future of the automotive industry is therefore also being shaped in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

  • Investment location

    In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern investors are connected to the whole world.

    • The Rostock/Laage cargo airport operates 24/7, connecting to flights across the whole world.
    • Perfect road connections via Germany’s autobahn highways
    • Worldwide import and export through the ports of Hamburg, Rostock with Carterminal, Wismar and Sassnitz/Mukran
    • Daily ferry connections to Scandinavia and the Baltic states
    • Efficient rail logistics to Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic

Already in MV

  • ZF Airbag Germany

    TRW Automotive sets the benchmark for the development of innovations in integrated safety systems for the automotive industry. TRW employs around 64,000 people who develop and produce systems and products to the highest safety and quality criteria at ...

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  • Webasto

    Occupying 836,000 sq feet (77,664 m²) and with a workforce of 800, the Neubrandenburg site is the number 1 for Thermo & Comfort products in northern Germany. Among other things, Webasto is investing in Neubrandenburg in the growth area of ...

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    Ignition power sets from BREMI Fahrzeug-Elektrik are installed in new vehicles every year


    airbag generators are produced daily at ZF Airbag Germany


    plastic parts for automotive electronics are manufactured daily at Lear Corp


    meters of precision tube are bent into guide tubes or wind deflectors each year at SD GmbH Klaus Hirsch


    black plate, steel and stainless steel parts are shaped at Lang Metallwarenproduktion annually


    vehicle systems have been produced by Webasto Neubrandenburg GmbH since 1990


    miniature components are mounted on 2,400 different electronic assemblies at ml&s in Greifswald per year

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