On course for growth
in the heart of Europe

MV can do more than tourism.
Everything about MV as a business location.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is located in the heart of Europe. Its central location between the metropolises of Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen and Szczecin offers companies from all sectors excellent locational advantages. Modern infrastructures provide direct access to global markets and make the northeasternmost German state an ideal investment location.

Plenty of room to invest

  • Land area: 23,213 km²
  • Coast length: 1,945 km
  • Population: 1.61 million
  • Population density: 69 inhabitants/km²
  • GDP: 46.567 billion euros
  • Unemployment rate: 7.3% in 2022 (average)

Expand in MV

As an investor, you benefit from the well-developed infrastructure of the transport network - on roads, rails and sea routes. The current broadband expansion ensures the local, regional and global networking of your company. Even large-scale construction projects can be realized profitably thanks to fair prices per square meter for commercial and industrial sites. At the same time, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offers you highly trained specialists. The five state universities are ideally suited for research cooperation and the acquisition of young talent.

Your employees will find a family-friendly environment and a high quality of work and life here. Free childcare, many leisure and recreational opportunities, and numerous art and cultural events are available for this purpose.

Optimal infrastructure

  • Worldwide supply of goodsvia the ports of Rostock, Wismar and Sassnitz/Mukran
  • Perfect connection via inner-German highways
  • Efficient rail logistics to Western and Southern Europe
  • Rostock-Laage Airportfor fast cargo handling and with 24/7 approval
  • Proximity to the Hamburg and Berlin airports
  • One hour to the Port of Hamburg

Free areas

  • Fully developed commercial and industrial areas of up to 300 ha
  • Inexpensive areas from 10 €/m²


  • 8.650 qualified or qualifiable Job seekers for your production
  • 74.000 working, returning commuters
  • 2000 University graduates in STEM subjects annually

Networks & Know-how

  • Distinct industry networks
  • Industry-related research projects

Attractive funding opportunities

  • Investment subsidy of up to 45
  • Support for Research and development services
  • Customized Employee qualification

Business friendly climate

  • Active shaping of regional energy policy forgreen production
  • Permit procedures as short as possible
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