Mubea Aviation GmbH

Mubea Aviation is a recognized component and subassembly supplier to the national and international aviation supply industry. The company produces structural components for all the models of the Airbus A320/ A330/ A340/ A380 families as well as the A350 and A400M. The company moved to the Schwerin Industrial Park in 2005. On 108,000 sq feet (10,000 m3) of production space, the company currently employs 340 people manufacturing more than 16,000 different aircraft components. The Mubea Group manufactures complex stamped, formed and drawn parts from stainless steel, aluminum and titanium alloys in Schwerin. More than 6,000 parts are assembled into components and groups of parts for aircraft, riveted and assembled into other structures for processing. Around 8,000 parts are currently produced in forming processes.

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