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Since 2000, Yamaton has pursued the goal of producing environmentally friendly packaging and transport solutions for a wide range of industries from the combination of paper and the structure of honeycomb cells. The basis here is always the unique hexagonal cell structure of paper, adopted from the natural structure of the honeycomb. No other material allows such high strength in relation to weight. The packaging and transport solutions produced are environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled. The customer portfolio is diverse: the automotive and packaging industry, transport and logistics as well as the construction industry from Europe and other countries are among the permanent customer base. After sustained growth in recent years, Yamaton Paper GmbH invested in a new and modern production site and moved from the large tank farm to Schutower Straße in Rostock at the end of 2018. Here, on an area of 9000 m², more than 50 employees work with team spirit to tailor quality products according to customer requirements.

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